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An aroma sachet made from soy wax is a unique and eco-friendly way to enjoy the scents of your favorite candles. These sachets are crafted from upcycled soy wax, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional fabric sachets. The wax is infused with essential oils, creating a long-lasting fragrance that can freshen up any space.


These sachets are also easy to use - simply place them in a drawer, closet, or small space, and let the fragrance fill the air. Unlike traditional fabric sachets, the wax sachets will not stain or damage clothing or other items.


Overall, an aroma sachet made from candle wax is a sustainable and effective way to enjoy your favorite scents. It makes a great gift or personal indulgence for those who value both sustainability and fragrance.

Raven-Vegvisir Aroma Sachet

6,90 €Price
VAT Included
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